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The Kentucky Forest Industries Association (全球十大赌钱软件app) has proudly served its diverse membership since 1965 with a focus on networking, education, and advocacy at the local, state, and federal levels of government. We encourage all members to consider the benefits of our association and share their experiences with others in the industry who may be served by our programs and representation.

  • 全球十大赌钱软件app has established an excellent reputation with the state legislature and is well respected as the voice for the wood products industry and forestry issues in Kentucky. This comes from our support for common sense solutions to problems and being proactive in addressing issues that affect our industry and forests.
  • Legislative activity that protects all members from numerous costly regulations and has resulted in cost savings for all aspects of the wood industry and forestry community. 全球十大赌钱软件app has played a key role in getting overweight fines reduced and was successful in getting legislation passed that specifically helps all aspects of the industry by enabling primary forest products to be hauled on all state roads at the licensed truck weight resulting in thousands of dollars of savings to the industry.
  • Association based insurance programs in conjunction with Van Meter Insurance that has resulted in lower rates for workers compensation insurance, and development of a mechanized logging rate in Kentucky that has greatly reduced workers compensation costs for a number of loggers.
  • Personal assistance to members to help address all types of regulatory issues such as OSHA, Conservation Act enforcement, water and air quality issues and many others.
  • Storm-water management program that saves manufacturing members through lower lab fees for sampling and providing storm-water plans at low cost. 全球十大赌钱软件app has successfully stopped a number of efforts to charge fees up to $2,000 for stormwater permits which remain available at no permit fee costs to most wood products companies under general permit requirements.
  • Offers numerous networking opportunities through the regional meetings, annual meeting, Wood Expo and others to allow members the chance to do business and find out what those in the industry are doing that is successful.
  • Promotion of the industry through a wide range of coordinated activities that has included educational programs at the Wood Expo, Kentucky Master Logger 3-day Program, a partnership with University of Kentucky Department of Forestry, and Kentucky Division of Forestry promoting forest management along with numerous activities to get the word out on the economic importance of forestry and the wood industry.
  • 全球十大赌钱软件app has become the leader in offering members educational opportunities related to certification of wood products. The Association has developed a committee to deal with certification and is in the process of organizing projects that will save members money if interested in certifying timberland or mill operations.

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